Sports Injuries

Many of us exercise. Despite the obesity epidemic in America, the health and fitness club market brings in $27 billion in revenue each year. While exercise is great for the body, injury often accompanies exercise. About 1 in 25 people seek medical help each year for sports injuries, although many of these injuries were not caused by sports or exercise at all! Many injuries are caused by improper training methods or simple variation in each of our bodies. For example, simple variations in bone structure in one’s feet can increase the chance of rolling their ankle.

Chiropractic care can help with sports injuries. This begins with a proper evaluation. An   evaluation may include observing the patient’s movement, how they stand, and alignment of feet and knees.   Exercise plus a patient’s natural bone and muscle structure could lead to issues, and at Injury Clinic of Dallas, we stress working on these issues so that our patients’ workouts will be the healthy activities that they want them to be.