Chiropractic Treatment

Now we are able to offer a non-invasive spinal decompression for treatment of low-back pain, neck pain, bulging or herniated disks of spine.

In fact, spinal decompression is such an effective treatment that when used in combination with chiropractic and physiotherapy, the outcome is very satisfactory in most cases.

Now, you might be asking yourself, Spinal decompression Table? Sounds complicated and perhaps even daunting. Well It’s not.

In fact, spinal decompression has been around for ages. However, prior to the late 1980′s to early 1990′s it was primarily featured in its surgical form. A surgical spinal decompression was a last resort option. (One cannot help but note that relief also took a while as one had to spend time recovering from the operation)

However, during the early 1990’s Dr. Allen Dyer (PhD, MD) introduced a new and revolutionary approach, one that would change spinal decompression forever. It was based on the principle of mechanical torsion. In essence, Dr.Dyer believed that if one applies a measured pressure on the lumbar spine (varying degree of strength, and angles, etc..) the spine will stretch and decompress, providing relief to back pain or spinally-induced pain without the need for a surgery at all. (Dr. Dyer’s approach is in essence a chiropractic approach. For more information about it, see Chiropractic: A Quick Overview for an outline)

Dyer’s approach was so successful it has nearly replaced surgical decompression as the primary treatment for lower back pain.

But Dyer’s approach did not stand still. Its practice grew and the spinal decompression went from a manually controlled pneumatic system to an advanced and precision oriented electronic system, controlled by a specialized computer.

We are excited to announce that we have the state of the art Decompression table enabling us to provide relief and treatment for many types of back and neck pain, whether the pain is due to normal wear and tear or by car accident, sport injury, slip& fall etc…

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a. Manual Chiropractic Adjustment
b. Biomechanical Analysis
c. Cold Laser Therapy
d. Ultrasound
e. Interferential Stimulation (EStim)
f. Spinal Decompression and Traction
g. Exercise
h. Kinesio Taping
i. Myofascial Release