Wrist Pain

Do You Have Wrist Pain? It Could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS as it’s commonly abbreviated is a condition that affects the median nerve of the wrist. The median nerve (nervus medianus) is the nerve responsible for providing motor control and feeling to the thumb side of the hand. That is, it controls the palm, the thumb and the index and middle fingers. When this nerve becomes pinched, or worse damaged, motor control of the hand decreases and the feeling of numbness of the hand becomes prevalent.


CTS is a rather common condition, as the carpal tunnel of the wrist is inherently narrow. Any inflammation or swelling will essentially guarantee a pinching of the median nerve. The swelling of this tunnel is typically a result of repetative motions of the hand/wrist, such as typing on a keyboard for prolongued period of time or working with small hand tools. The very task of typing that lead to the creation of this blog and website can potentially serve as a source of CTS for the author.

CTS, in most cases, is an easily treatable condition if detected early. However, if CTS is left untreated, it can lead to serious complications or even permanent damage of the muscle tissue. In some of the more serious cases, patients have been known to lose feeling or motor control within the thumb side of their hand altogether.


    Possible Symptoms of CTS:

  • Numbness/Tingling in the palm of the hand
  • Weak Hand Grip
  • Weak ability to squeeze/make a fist
  • Shooting pain from wrist up to shoulder
  • Tapping on the median nerve leads to pain
  • A sense of swelling in the fingers with no visible sign of swelling
  • Painful, nighttime tingling

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms or experiencing them on a frequent basis, it is time for a checkup. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if detected and properly treated is unlikely to cause any long term complications. In fact, CTS treatment in chiropractic is quite common and as some studies show, equally effective if not better than the conservative medical alternative. It is why we recommend for you to call us, The Injury Clinic of Dallas, today at 972-644-5555 or come by our office in Richardson, TX for a free consultation today!

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