Tennis Elbow? But I don’t play tennis…

Tennis Elbow? But I don’t play tennis…

The so-called “Tennis Elbow” or as it’s medically known “Lateral epicondylitis” is a condition of the elbow in which the outer (lateral) part of the elbow becomes sore, tender or inflamed. The condition is caused due to the overuse or the overexertion of the elbow tendon (connective tissue between muscles and the bone) that sometimes also leads to tears.

Tennis Elbow, Elbow pain, Weak Grip, Stiffness

The condition while fairly frequent in the sport of Tennis due to the particular range of motion exercised, one doesn’t need to play to develop the condition. Any movement, especially repetitive movement, which involves the elbow, can lead to the development of the lateral epicondylitis. In fact any repetitive twisting of the wrist may lead to the condition. The risk of developing Tennis Elbow is further increased in people who have carpal tunnel syndrome or calcified rotator cuff tendonitis.

Possible symptoms of “Tennis Elbow”
  • Elbow Pain (especially lateral/back of the elbow)
  • Elbow Pain that gradually increases in intensity
  • Elbow Pain when grasping or twisting the wrist
  • Weak Grasp, Inability to grip
  • Elbow is very stiff in the morning
  • Activities that extend the wrist, like pouring water into a cup result in pain

What to do

Lateral epicondylitis is often classified as a degenerative disease. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, the condition will worsen and the intensity of the pain will increase. It is thus imperative to  stop or reduce pain-inducing activity and seek treatment.

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