Chiropractic: A Quick Overview

Chiropractic: A Quick Overview

What is Chiropractic?

That is perhaps one of the most frequent questions asked by those uninvolved with the field. Sure, most people have heard the word, seen a billboard or two or have some rough knowledge on the subject. But perhaps due to some of the possible controversy that has surrounded chiropractic since its beginning, the term has certainly become something rather mystical or overly complex.

However, chiropractic is neither. Simply put, chiropractic is field of medicine that seeks to diagnose and treat injuries and other ailments through stimulation and non-invasive manipulation of the spinal cord and other areas of the musculoskeletal system. It is based on the principle that if a person’s spinal joints are misaligned the rest of the body is impacted negatively.

Certainly, such focus on the musculoskeletal system tailors chiropractic to be one of the top practices when it comes to dealing with sports injuries or other forms of physical trauma. Auto accidents, broken bones, work injuries. Things that may require some sort of an invasive treatment in other practices are commonly treated by chiropractors through natural methods without any sort of surgery.

Other than the obvious problems associated with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, a chiropractor may also address other ailments of the body quite successfully. For example, a small misalignment in the spinal cord may reduce the effectiveness of other core bodily systems like the nervous system, which in turn leads to reduced resistance to disease and possibly increased risk of injury. A skillful chiropractor, by treating this misalignment would address the problem at the root, improving the overall health of the patient and saving the patient a lot of time and money in the future.

However, chiropractic does not end with the spine, nor is it limited to the musculoskeletal system. Instead, it’s a holistic approach, one that views the patient as a unique person, treating each case on an individual basis. Specifically, chiropractic seeks to improve the patient’s overall health, whether by re-aligning the spine, recommending or providing other forms of natural treatment such as massage or helping the patient to develop and adjust to a healthier lifestyle.

To sum it all up, the goal of chiropractic is to treat the person and not the disease. It seeks to target the possible problems at their roots, to diagnose and treat the real cause of the ailment instead of focusing solely on its immediate effects.

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