Botox Not As Effective For Headache Relief According To New Study

Botox Not As Effective For Headache Relief According To New Study

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We’ve all had a headache. That’s a simple fact. According to the statistics cited by the American Chiropractic Association , 9 out of 10 Americans suffer from some sort of headache.
In fact, there are 3 types of headaches into which 95% of all headaches fall into, the so-called primary headaches or headaches that are not indicative of any serious underlying condition and are the condition themselves.

The Three Types of Headache, as follows

    • Migraine

The migraine headache is defined as a “recurrent throbbing headache” often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. It’s usually caused by a reduction in vascular blood flow. In most cases, the pain from a migraine can go from throbbing to quite serious, fast. One may see auras or even black out in some cases. I, the author of this article, suffer from migraines myself.

    • Tension Headache

Tension headaches come from unrelieved muscle tension. Common things that cause tension headaches are described to be stress, anger or frustration and really anything that would cause one to tense up, putting the body into a fight-or-flight kind of response.

    • Cervicogenic Headache

Less frequent than the other two, cervicogenic headache is headache that begins from the neck. In essence, the muscles of the neck, under tension may in some cases lead to neck pain which will manifest itself as a headache instead.

There are many treatments for headaches out there. From pills to Botox injections. However, as research indicates, most of those treatments only alleviate the symptoms, ignoring the original cause altogether. For example, Botox, the only injection approved by the FDA to treat migraines, was once hailed to be as a fix-all for headaches. However, as newly released research indicates, Botox provides only modest, in most cases hardly noticeable results if any results at all according to a recent article from the TIME magazine. For example, if a person suffers from 15-20 headaches a month, they may see that number reduced by 2 headaches on average. Hardly solves the problem.

However, one must not become disheartened on the matter. In fact, there are many treatments for common headaches offered within the chiropractic field. Treatments that have been proven, time and time again to not only alleviate the headaches, but also target the underlying cause such as tension or spinal misalignment(there’s some research that indicates that spinal misalignment leads to vasoconstriction and thus headache).

Chiropractic has also much to offer in terms of preventative care. From nutrition to habits, chiropractic professionals are often able to provide recommendations that will lead to a drastic decrease in overall primary headache occurrence and thus improved condition. As mentioned before, Chiropractic at it’s core is a holistic approach to medicine. Here at the Injury Clinic of Dallas, your treatment does not stop with alleviation of symptoms and proceeds until the patient has been healed and the cause of the symptoms has been fully removed.

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