What To Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident

What To Do If You Are Involved In An Auto Accident

Many of our patients seek treatment for injuries stemming from auto accidents. If you are involved in an auto accident, there are few simple and easy steps you will want to keep in mind: Stay Calm — Its easy to say stay calm when you are involved in an auto accident. But when it comes down to it, if you stay calm you will be able to make smarter decisions and address issues that arise. Check for injuries – Stuff can be replaced, people can’t. If you think that there is even a possibility that you, a loved one or the other party could be injured call 911. Time is often a factor in treating injuries so better to be on the safe side. Move the cars to a safe location – After checking for injuries this is the next important step. If no one is suffering from any serious injuries and the cars can be moved, get them over to a safe location so that you can reduce risk of injury from surrounding hazards including other drivers in traffic. Use appropriate safety signals – Some drivers carry flares, cones and other warning signals for other drivers. If you have these available, use them. Report the accident to the police – Even if the accident is minor its often a good idea to report the accident to the police so that they can take record of what has happened. If you are not at fault this can be an important reference for you later if you need to deal with your insurance or the other driver’s insurance company. Notify your insurance company – This is a clear and important step that you should do no matter the scope of the accident. Most insurance companies will work to assist you in any matters that result from the accident. Services can include towing, auto rental assistance, medical injury assistance and can offer most drivers peace of mind. Take notes and photos – Most people have cell phones with cameras. Take pictures of the accident scene, the cars and anything else you feel is relevant to note. If you don’t have a phone with a camera, it maybe a good idea to keep a disposable one in your car in case. Write down any notes, witness names and contact information and the insurance and driver’s license and auto registration/license plate information for the other driver. Keeping good records will go a long way in making sure all matter resulting from the car accident are resolved. Don’t leave the scene of an accident – This can be a huge problem for you if you do. The best advise we heard is wait until the police take a report and all injuries have been addressed. The police will let you know when all the matters have been addressed. If possible, do not leave the accident scene before the police officers and other drivers do. Hopefully this gives you some good points to reference if you are ever involved in an auto accident. Please take care of yourselves and be safe out on the road. – Dr. Atousa Bahadori, Doctor of Chiropractic

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