Auto Accident Checklist

So, you’ve had a Auto accident. What happens next?

(The following list is the basic procedure for dealing with a car accident moments after it occurred.)


  1. Make sure everyone is alright. A car can be replaced or repaired, but health after an accident may take significant time to recover.
  2. If anyone is severely injured, contact emergency services and follow their instructions.
  3. If the car(s) is inoperable, turn on the warning lights if possible. If the warning lights are damaged, raise your hood/trunk to alert the passing traffic.
  4. Call the police. Often, most insurance companies will ask for a police report to be filed with all insurance claims after an accident.
  5. Exchange the following information with the driver(s) involved:
    -Insurance Information
    -Phone Numbers
    -Driver License #’s
    -Car License Plate #’s
    -Vehicle Identification Information (Registration #, Vehicle ID #, Vehicle Year and Make)
  6. Obtain contact information of all the witnesses and passengers present and willing.
  7. DO NOT discuss the accident at the scene, especially in terms of fault and responsibility.
  8. Take pictures of the accident and damage. As many as possible/reasonable. They may be required by your insurance company to process your claim sooner.
  9. Contact your insurance agent and let them know about the situation.
  10. Take it easy. After an accident you may experience an adrenaline/endorphin rush that will prevent you from fully and accurately evaluating the possible extent of your trauma or injury, if one occurred. Some injuries like whiplash may take up to a couple weeks to make themselves fully known.

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